Gaming for Medical Advancement

Gaming for Medical Advancement

Have you ever thought about how vast the potential for Scientific progress could be through a world community of gaming for ways to solve medical problems? Since 2011 two new science games Fold It & EteRNA are gaining popularity by doing precisely that. People like you are playing these games and powering new medical trials and promising published works. A significant scientific movement has started and as it turns out, there is a new platform for medical advancement in visual games.

“Fold it”, one of the new medical games, is based on solving visual protein shape problems. Something humans may be better at than computers. “EteRNA” is a similar game and yet more challenging as it works with solving RNA puzzles. Both games can satisfy the most ambitious minds in original solution making, offering never before solved and very real puzzles. Both games function as an interface for advancement in medicine.

Guidelines and rules to play are straightforward. Some 50,000 +needed brilliant minds have begun to unravel and re-organize presented puzzles. There are new puzzles to solve. Regardless of age, education or time, you can get gaming solutions, receive results in feedback, and can truly assist in real medical solutions. Contests are available occasionally to up the anti. Who knows what the outcome could be. There are obvious benefits to this kind of “research” such as unlimited potential through global effort, reduction of facility costs, fresh perspective of individuals who are not necessarily bound to previous medical knowledge. Perhaps games like “Fold It and “EteRNA” can also help knock down some of the typical time limitations since players are not bound to a 9-5 schedule?

Wherever you are, you can play and work on puzzles using your phones, your computers, your smartbook devices. More minds equals more real solutions. We are walking along a new frontier in new medical awareness! May it also lead to more wellness around the globe!

From the Center for Game Science and University of Washington with the UW Dept. of Biochemistry…comes Fold It.

EteRNA was developed by Carnegie Mellon, Stanford University as well along side some of the same staff from UW.

Both games are free downloads. Check it out!

Link to “Fold It” for more info & download []

Link to “EteRNA” for info & download []

Sources – Documentary by Nova: What Will the Future Be Like?

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