I am – Affirmations

“I am” – Affirmations


Have you heard in the back of your mind or out of the mouth of a friend “I’m not enough” or “I don’t have enough?” This chatter is a mask over the question, and it’s a beautiful question, “Can I do it?” The real question in most scenarios is “Will I do it? Within the loving and realistic perimeters of time and space “you can” if “you will.” Using daily affirmations to attract amazing and wonderful experiences in your life is an effective method to change. Affirmations are positive, powerful statements that affirm a particular reality in this moment. Each affirmation helps to reshape, and shift your perception. Consistently used affirmations bring to the surface an accumulation of energy reserved for a specific dream or goal to be applied in real time. Statements that begin with “I am…” are powerful. “I am peaceful.” “I am now receiving the understanding to real peace.” “I am receptive to an abundance of free time right now.” “I am creative.” and “I am receiving the knowledge of how to be creative.” All these affirmations are positive statements that your consciousness either affirms or immediately begins working to make it real. Repeat these and other positive affirmations every day; eventually, even the most stubborn mind block gives way to new situations and tremendous great qualities about you!

In Yoga practice numerous aspirants and masters, use the Mala (Prayer) Beads with 108 to count beads to define a number of repetitions; a good idea for restless hands and a busy schedule.

Affirm joyfully in your mind, the positive experiences of others. Practice verbalizing joyful perceptions when possible; it is a fantastic way to increase personal positivity. When positive statements of genuine appreciation are spoken aloud, those around you are alerted to take notice that such blessings do occur. It is much more fun search and discover beauty right here and now over being submerged in a soup of negativity wondering why your hair isn’t flying with the wind.

Namaste is a lovely mantra to whisper in your mind when you notice another being; namaste is a Sanskrit word that means, “The light in me celebrates the light in you.” It may not be the same light, but it’s the magic and vitality of being.

“I Am.” itself is a healing affirmation. “I Am” can be translated to “So Hum” in Yoga breath practice. To practice, say in your mind “So” as you inhale, followed by an exhalation of “Hum.” Focus your mind on “So” and “Hum” as you breath slowly in and out for 30 count. Resume natural breathing. It’s a nice way to feel instantly uplifted and mentally brighter.

One of the most important choices to make in life is whether you believe the Universe supports you or believe the Universe is against you? The Universe works for you, regardless of your awareness of this. But your consciousness of this Universal truth provides a marvelous wonder, a thrill for being alive. When this reality is askew in the mind only then does the fear of death cloud the experience of peace in the mind. A good life is long enough, but a long life may not be good enough. Where is the need to cling to life if you know the Universe is attending you? May all beings everywhere be happy and free. Enjoy the fruits of your practice. Namaste.



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