Introduction to Meditation: Video

Introduction to Meditation:  Video

Meditation on the breath is one of the highest forms of meditation. “So Hum” is a breath meditation. When practicing this breath meditation the mind says the mantra: inhaling (so), exhaling (hum). “Ham Sa” is a breath meditation. When practicing this breath meditation the mind says the mantra: Inhaling Ham pronounced (hum, exhaling (Sa). It is recommended for those new to a breathing mantra to use the mala beads to attain 108 repetitions. Each bead is equal to completing for example one full “So Hum.” If the mind loses its focus, bring it back and continue on. Consistent practice will inspire the mind and improve the ability to control the mind in order to gain the benefits of the meditation. Every success builds self-appreciation, conserves power in the body, reduces unnecessary neurological chatter and thus reduces the load of metabolic waste. This is one way to maintain and enhance physical beauty and integrity. Simple exercises, yet powerful. Other meditations include: Sound Meditations, Guided Meditations, Saguna Meditations, Nirguna Meditations, Theta Healing Meditations and Bija or Seed Meditations, and more. Meditation awakens a quiet spirit, restores energy and moves the mind toward clear sight on reality. Concentration techniques support and proceed Meditation practice. This includes, setting an intention for today, acknowledging the limitless goal of attaining one’s highest potential in this life, and also utilizing Yogic methods to draw the senses inward, training the senses to follow the benevolent guidance of the mind. Meditation with these afore-mentioned skills, enables exponential evolution. Keep in mind, the aspects of proper diet, rest, karmas (uncompleted efforts), and dharma (daily duties) thoughts and treatment of all living things also impact success. This is why it is called Meditation practice…and not meditation perfect. May all beings experience bliss in meditation. May all beings blocked in progress reflect on their unique life and discover ways to moksha (liberation).

May all beings be at peace and prosper, namaste.

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