Mindlessness and Mindfulness

Mindlessness and Mindfulness

Most of us hear the word “mindlessness” and we automatically think of someone doing an activity with little forethought with a usually disastrous outcome. This is not that negative concept of mindlessness, but a miraculous gift of mindlessness given to each one of us called autonomic self-sufficiency.

Without thinking about it we breath, our cells take in oxygen; without conscious input digestion of our food and waste processing occurs, the sex organs produce their life giving counterparts without our need to think about when to release hormones; the glands in our body automatically adjust our temperature, rate of metabolism, sleep/wakeful states and cells are created to replace old ones without our waking mind instructing when or how. We are quite literally functioning in a mindless state when it comes to our complex body & mind systems. Our nervous system, our glandular system, our circulatory system, reproductive, cellular integrity and dialogue and so on, give each human a blissful state of being and a magnitude of potential for ‘other’ activities. Truly, if we are healthy and normally developed we are born into Moksha or liberated. Just let a sick person tell you how limiting illness can be, how malfunctions in the body pull us from happy mindlessness to acute concern or frustration.

We all have a varied percentage of behaviors that unconsciously motivate personal emotions and mental direction. Such subconscious behaviors are commonly called “automatic” responses to events. Sometimes an automatic behavior may not necessarily benefit our life, but when it comes to autonomic functions of our body these automated systems are designed to be 100% perfect for our life.

The autonomic functions supporting a human life are astounding! One might ask “How much conscious effort it would consume if I had to manage all the functions in my body in real time?” Lets just say there would literally be no time left to think about sports, creative sex, vacations or anything more than sitting like a lump grazing on grass in a field somewhere. Nothing against land grazing animals.

The autonomic systems of a human being are the foundation of blessed mindlessness. Specifically balance in our three autonomic systems is the foundation of blessed mindlessness. That’s right! Beautiful, blissful mindlessness! When the autonomic systems of the central, peripheral and enteric (gut) systems are optimally functioning we feel light and peaceful; compared to compromise in these three systems which leads to easy agitation, anger, nervousness, depression and fatigue; then later disorder, disease and premature death. When our “mindlessness” is infringed upon, our ecstatic physical and psycho-emotional wellness is directly influenced and impaired. Frequency and intensity of an insult determines result. This is true for every person along side three kinds of interference to positive “mindlessness”:


  1. Birth or Prarabdha Karmic                                                                                    Depletion in one or more autonomic systems; includes congenital abnormalities as well as family taught choices and habits. The infant to independent years can weaken or strengthen one’s autonomic self-sufficiency, directly robbing or banking power for living fully.


  1. Agami Karma                                                                                                          Depletion by our own lifestyle choices, behaviors running on a lack of self-study, lack of knowledge or rigidness against change. As an example, consistent consumption of low quality food erodes anti-oxidant stores in the cells, impairs protein synthesis, healthy essential fatty acid uptake, as well, leads to deficiencies in other nutrients. Poor eating show it’s effects in varying time and reveals itself differently dependent upon the individual’s most vulnerable areas. Without prejudice low foodstuffs, toxic substances including some ‘beauty” products, eat away at the autonomic circuitry. It’s the same as losing a protective force field, leaving one open to effects of stress, microbe invasion, tissue degeneration, and so on.


  1. Ancestral Karma or Sanchita Karma.                                                                        What is passed in the DNA down from generations before; these attributes can incarnate in your body and life just as dominant and passive gene qualities determine, skin, hair and eye color. This would include spontaneous aptitudes, miasms, as well as personal past-life work yet unfulfilled.


Mindfully, with the help of daily Yoga methods sacredness to and rejuvenation for our blissful “mindlessness” can happen and be maintained. Yoga has the system proven to restore all areas of healthful, peaceful living. Small changes allow the body to shift gently while you observe a little victory. This creates compassion, raises the minds eye to witness similar victories in others, and will give opportunity to feel connected to and to support other individuals along the way. Yoga can help release the fear of becoming ill, or fear of losing an athletic edge. Yoga can help lift despair for those suffering with disorders or disease. By design Yoga is devoted to raising the vibrations of mind, body and spirit. Yoga is far more than physical gymnastics. As the keeper of our own mindlessness and mindfulness may all beings everywhere be happy and free. Namaste.


Try this meditation on “Mindlessness.”


Find a comfortable place where you will not be interrupted. Sit on the mat, blanket, chair or what ever prop works for you. Set a soft alarm for 3-5 minutes or use 108 mala beads to signal the end of the meditation.

Imagine the word “mindlessness” floating before you. Either, say quietly in the mind or out loud, “I receive the blessing of mindlessness.” Close the eyes now, go inside the self, follow the rhythm of the breath. As the fingers press on a new bead, or on each inhalation, hear the echo of the affirmation “I receive the blessing of mindlessness.” At the end of the meditation exhale completely, and inhale deeply; open the eyes. Exhale and say thank you to yourself. Best times for this meditation are at sunrise and sunset. You can be assured that you have received a blessing of “mindlessness” as long as you are alive. For a human being to be alive independently autonomic self-sufficiency must be maintained. This meditation is a receptive mantra for the highest function of all healthful autonomic functions at this time, in the body. May you feel the blessings of “mindlessness.” The grace of wisdom is automatically at work in you, so you may have freedom from limitation and freedom to explore life. Om peace.

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