Morning Meditation by AkashaHFY

Morning Meditation by AkashaHFY




A fresh perspective for a morning meditation can be developed by a small, yet profound adjustment. Most of us spontaneously sit facing the sun as it’s rising in the early morning sky, but in Chinese Medicine the back is the masculine (yang) or sun side of the torso and the front is the feminine (yin) infinite dark side of the body. By sitting with the back to the sun we instantly align with these energies. Light of yesterday’s experiences is likened to the sun rising to light the world before us. Warmed by sunrays, the spine rises up like a tower housing powerful receptive (yin) and motor (yang) nerves of the body. The motor nerve memories are coiled like a spring. Meditation is a time to unknot these nerves to return reactive responses under conscious intelligent direction. This releases unnecessary stress in the spine and entire body that would otherwise eat away at vital energy. The feeling of heat and light is sensed in the body along the head, shoulders, back of the arms, the torso, buttocks and thighs.

While sitting with the back to the sun, the front side of the body is in shadow, a mystery resembling the yet to be revealed potential of the self that is yet to be actualized in the world today. If one were to perceive the self as it is in this way, if an awareness of a personal deep reservoir of renewable energy arose each day with the self, our internal fire for dreams, curiosities, and love would burn brightly, and perhaps even begin to rise into our minds with creativity for the experience of each and every one. The Buddha said “It is better to travel well than to arrive.”

Come to the mat of life with the sun at your back; feel the power of the sun with you as you begin a new day. Let the shadows on your face be a reminder that we do not truly know who we are in this day until we dare venture where we envision our joy. Go beyond the unknown, connected strongly to an inner guide of peace, wisdom and benevolence. On overcast days hold the image of the sun warming you, softening you, as it lights up the world. The power of the sun is with you, and the mystery of the yet to be is with you. May you and all beings be at peace and prosper. Namaste.



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