Setting Intention

Setting Intention

Setting Intention

What makes the day an epic day for you? Do you believe only certain environmental conditions allow you to feel peace right now? Are you adaptable and creative when new situations arise? Are you a steamroller to your day and people around you? Are you functioning as a skittish hare dodging people and problems? Have you been a Venus Fly Trap devouring passing ideas and behaviors yet blind to peace or real prosperity? Are you an all-pervading inclusive force morphing and developing each day? Are you indefinable and your focus today just that?

While determining what to set an intention upon today, you may feel that that choice has already been dictated by the presets of those around you; but it doesn’t have to be that way. Common thinking does not indicate reality, just “a” reality. People around you, even family belong to a public domain of consciousness, an optional stream of various states of wakefulness. Public or any external consciousness is transient. Other people are not always accessible for us and this is by design; a grace if you will, making it easier to realize that it is our personal mind which is truly eternal and available to us in every moment throughout this lifetime. Clarity and fortitude are the mind’s birthright; anything that challenges that should be challenged. I have experienced, as so many have, the intense chatter in the mind, thoughts often confusing, contradictory and sometimes almost unbearable. Yet despite the frenetic tossing of the mind I have discovered that it is possible to expand awareness peacefully; even after states of complete amnesia, autism or mental illness.

Unhinging from a routine of mimicry may seem near impossible in the beginning or during times of stress and strain because you have become so identified with external triggers. The mind may seem like a trickster, yet if you follow it regularly you can begin to see that your mind is a faithful devotee working to serve you. Progressive mental accessibility can be delayed or inconsistent if mind is too busied by personal demands to reveal all things not yet understand.

An awareness of mystery and magic being present in life is important, and works like a key to opening to an experience of peace even in the face of trauma and unresolved issues. As every new thought that comes into being in your mind mystery and magic suspends negative judgment, it leaves the channels of energy open for discerning how to best extend the experiences of wonder and how to love the unknown within the self rather than fear it. Reality remains intact and all your faculties functional even as you release yourself from the bonds of needing to know all that is.

Breathe with a deep receptivity towards auspiciousness; imagine ways to set an intention. Carry out the duties of daily life mindfully. Set out clothes for the next day, imagining you feeling amazing in those clothes. Clean your home while envisioning joy filled moments with loved ones. It is not necessary to create specific visions; simply invoking a feeling of what a happy moment might “feel” like is effective. When rushing on to where you have to be say a prayer for the highest and best possible outcome. What ever it is you do, it is the frame around each action and the chatter around each thought that requires your attention. Preventing and avoiding problems are good skills, but fear is designed for a short burst of quick reactivity to ensure immediate safety. A reaction comes from previous thoughts in combination with neurological reflex and body memory. Days filled with worries and agitations deplete the body; but time in stillness can create the necessary space for new thoughts to be born. Stillness is an effective regenerator for our body and mind. 10 minutes in stillness and peace can be as rejuvenating as a good night’s rest. It may be one of the best free anti-aging therapies ever.

Quiet within could be said to be the equivalent of floating and drifting through the cosmos unattached, “unhinged.” It is good practice to do this for said amount of time each day. Just as a new star is born, ideas and solutions can come up very quickly and with great intensity, while other realizations take form much more slowly or subtly. A quiet mind can pick up on illusive aspects of conversations, brainstorm activity, as well, raise acuity of the mind to notice fine details in various scenarios. New thoughts and creative concepts focused on your well being and greatest evolution can come more easily. It is the calming repetitive practice of “floating” within self that nurtures new thought forms to come to full maturity and brilliance. Take time to draw understanding and wisdom from time spent observing and assimilating events of the day. Drawing personal meaning and value from each day can efficiently change a previously out of reach dream into a clear and precise plan. Timeless intentions are set for success; such intentions are independent of specific events and specific people; if circumstances change you simply need only find a new fuel supply without having to create new system. Self has an eternal awareness beyond external people and present circumstances. The emphasis and center of the universe is you; everything else is a bonus. This may sound selfish or alienating at first glance, but truly as long as you think and exist, managing yourself, your peace, and your will is as much a part of you as breathing. The ability to maneuver through your mind effectively comes from familiarity. Consistency in taking action comes from testing your ideas. Stillness brings greater confidence, reduces reactivity that leads to stress and negative health effects. As opportunities arise a calm mind capacitates challenges quietly. It is easy when the mind is not in a panic to smoothly and efficiently problem solve. Meeting expectations and manifesting dreams become drama free; most people respect and trust this type of leadership; I know I do.

Turn to your contemplation and inward exploration when in a quiet space on your own and practice for 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes a day. Eventually observations can be practiced from a neutral mind no matter what you are working on or whom you are with. Whatever you observe is like fuel. Fuel itself is inert. It is a vehicle in use that brings fuel to life. Your mind is the system for the fuel of life events, people and scenes. Each one of us determines where the content is to go, where to steer our next thought and at what speed and direction to go. We are designed to suddenly change direction if necessary, useful for a short-term fearful event. In reality we reveal to ourselves our peace and greatness in a quiet mind during moments of still observation. Sometimes there are many crowding thoughts; at other times anxiety, heaviness, lightness or calm but at all times if our intention is on peace, peace reveals many ways to happiness and longevity.

The practice of Yoga science is the methodology for how to set your intention, how to refine and define your will. Just as you might type a command in a computer program, it is essential to test it out, see how it runs in the big picture. Not everything can be known at once, nor is it necessary. Knowing yourself each day brings you to the center of life as a player rather than a by stander. If you are a bystander stand by those who have built what you want to build more of in your life. Open your visual aperture for making it happen for you in your mind. Your internal vision has limitless freedom to learn new ways to eventually take action. Everyone slides off course from time to time. Time spent getting lost can be useful. Everyone is capable of being distracted; keep to your cause; every day of loving you, turns into a better life for you and ultimately also for those that care to celebrate with you.

“All the texts tell us one thing: Know thyself. If you have known yourself, you have known everything else.” Sri Swami Satchidananda

May all beings everywhere be happy and free. Namaste.

Setting Intention

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