Theta Wave Healing Meditations

Theta Wave Healing Meditations


thetaThe benefits of Theta Wave Healing Meditations are many; calm alertness, heightened sensory awareness, and improved problem solving co-ordination; balanced energy, and a general feeling of restfulness. Theta Healing Meditations are measurable positive fast track to enlightenment. The effects of Theta Wave Healing Meditations can be observed on an EEG (Electro-Encephalograph).


How is it done: The practice performed with eyes closed while seated to prevent falling asleep. Theta Meditations are restorative visualizations that allow one’s consciousness to travel beyond the 14% waking awareness and interact with the 86% sub consciousness. Theta Healing Meditation practice can be activated privately by one’s self, with a facilitator or shared between two or more people in a group healing.


What Is Theta Healing? Theta Healing is in essence accessing and realigning our divine nature with the creator. It is a grouping of ancient techniques that provide a very natural, non-invasive way of resolving years of negative programing, traumas, and delusions. When working with two or more people Theta Healing can set one’s mind light years ahead with direct experience and confirmation that ‘all living things being connected.’ Being able to sit still and breath is a prerequisite. The side effects can be emotional release, deepened sleep, spontaneous healing both energetically and physically, a solid sense of peace within as well as with our fellow human beings.


What is a Theta Wave?

Theta waves are different from Alpha Waves. Health Care Givers are trained to put their (personal issues) aside to impartially care for all beings. They are not trained how to resolve them. Intuitively many caregivers develop their Alpha Brain Waves strongly associated with pain relief that is helpful for short-term interaction with patients and clients. However, in the long term, dominant alpha states can deplete the individual both physically and mentally. Theta waves are different. Theta waves run at a much slower electrical frequency rate of hertz per second than Alpha Waves. Theta wave accessibility is different. While Alpha brain waves work with movement, Theta Brain Waves run during states of immobilization. It is not a frantic or survival psychic awareness (that would be gamma waves). Instead, Theta transcends or suspends, and the nervous system, turns down flight and fight activity and turns up deep restoration, repair, and replenishment. Generally, detectable human Theta wave activity is dominant during REM sleep, recalling this state by memory of a dream, through the link of the wakeful alpha Wave or with EEG monitoring. Theta Wave Healing Meditations accentuate Theta Waves during awake time allowing for deeper sense of self and peace. It is interesting that as a human ages time in Theta Wave states decreases.


Infants spend on average 50% of their sleep time in REM.

Adults spend on average 20% of their sleep time in REM

Elderly spend on average 15% of their sleep time in REM


Studies on individuals, worldwide, who practice regular meditation, such as Theta Healing, show measurable Theta wave activity on an EEG during their waking practice. Theta Wave states, reduce anxiety, nervousness, irritability, and improve memory and learning.


Helpful Tips: sufficient Vitamin B5 can help to improve dream recall; journaling dreams, dream interpretation work can increase Theta Brain awareness during waking hours. For measuring effects one might consider working with a qualified Practitioner to have a non-invasive EEG test. There are alternative non-invasive medical biofeedback systems world wide that can test brain wave activity while awake. Example, QXCI.


Precautions: Moderation is a great physician. HFY supports the application of Yoga principles (clean diet, regular exercise, proper rest and so forth) so that gains have a lasting long-term effect. Techniques performed in a random inconsistent manner give a “high” very much like a recreational drug trip. The nervous system is complex and slowing the brain during a wakeful state to a Theta Brain Waves rate requires some respect. No sudden, sharp physical or sound interruptions. Allow time for the slower heart rate to elevate to Alpha Wave rates after any meditation. In cases of a diagnosed heart condition or psychological condition have a Doctor follow closely, or avoid the practice.

There are universities in the U.S.A and Hospitals in Japan presently running controlled studies on Theta Healing. For safe practice HFY recommends using recorded guided meditations or choose to work with a qualified facilitator or teacher.

The benefit of working with a facilitator is the useful tools of techniques called “digging”. Issues coming to consciousness during the non-invasive “digging” interaction are tended to and the individual can experience a sense of certainty in progress. Once in a dominant Theta wave affirmations can be listened to safely and repeated aloud regularly. A selective conscious mind regards these statements as non-threatening; these affirmations will be permitted to bypass your intellect, and over time positively reframe your mindset, and reduce negative thinking. “Slow and steady wins the race.” Talking with your facilitator about the experience can affirm self-confidence and improve the process.

Try 2x week for 3-5 minutes, roughly the same time and place.

The benefits of each meditation will ripple across the complexity of the brain and peripheral nervous system. Expect day energy and perspective to be more calm, empathetic and resourceful, rest is deeper.

What may only be moments in Meditation on the clock, may feel timeless to the mind. Meditations can give the practitioner a sense of waking up rested.


May all beings prosper and be at peace. Namaste.




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