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 US Consciousness



It is common for Yoga aspirants to be introduced to Universal Consciousness as ”God;” a God to which each individual is encouraged to aspire to & unify with in order to transcend various states of suffering while living. This idea sounds much like a child clinging to a parent for security. Fine perhaps for a child, but less useful for a mature adult.

So many of us are left confused having witnessed or read accounts of years of war propelled by arguments on what “is” the true God. History counts a long lineage of countless individuals maimed or deceased. This violent path is too abstract for most of us deem value from. On the bright side of things we need only take a moment in one’s internal self to experience Universal Consciousness. Many of us will need to practice meditation consistently so that accumulations of Universal awareness expands and we personally discover that we are in a dependent state of reality resting on the mesh of seen and unseen powers; a real state as long as we are alive whether we are aware or not. Meditation in Yoga ensures that we cultivate the capacitance for “God” or Universal Consciousness so we securely come into our unique unlimited and fluid potential, rather than clinging to concepts of an entity with humanesque forms. The genius of this is that it bypasses and dissolves the veil of impure attachments, limited energy and false ideas on reality.

Yoga is a practice of proven techniques that both contract (quiet the self) and expand (clean, explore & test) our personal consciousness beyond the limits of habits and conditioning falling or stopping short of our highest and greatest good. In order to become awake to Universal Consciousness, a reality in beauty, wellness, kindness & unlimited power, each of us will need time to discern and be able to capitulate self into beneficial experiences one does not already participate in. This is a self-perpetuating power that is independent and survives no matter how much circumstances change. This is a different experience from drug and substance use, both of which are very much, dependent upon external triggers and chemical assaults: assaults that ultimately wear down the very fabric of a nervous and immune system necessary to sustain full divinity in this incarnation. It does require courage to break inertia to step out beyond limiting thoughts; but we all have the attribute of courage no matter how small we judge that quality at the beginning of change.

It is possible to maintain Universal consciousness (Param Atma) in harmony with an evolving Personal Self (Jiva Atma). Param Atma burns bright like the sun, even when we personally cannot view it. Jiva Atma cycles in its consciousness like earth’s waxing and waning moon depending on where we the earth stands in this moment on our rotating path of existence. “US” Consciousness (universal + self) is a tremendous vital force making evolution and unity paradoxically possible within the self and our environment. Success within a community begins with “US” consciousness in an individual. The story of a hero is the archetype of Us Consciousness. The path of growth in self uplifts the energy within and automatically around us as we go. Those who are awake pick up on that power and are initiated to an immediate sensation of spontaneous growth or inspiration.

On the other end, self-awareness alone contains limiting ideas preoccupied with separate ego states, often leading to social breakdown, self-destructive thinking & actions due to the nature of it’s state having been built on passed events and habits created by events that have ended 5, 10, 40 years ago; depending on our chronological age and intensity of events remaining in the psyche or in some cases body tissue memory.

True Ego is called Ahamkara and is expressed as the “I maker,” which is constantly gathering knowledge, understanding and processing wisdom for specific individual, global and generational outcomes. The Ahamkara “I maker” does not need to define or “peg” itself, it simply aware that there is a greater force beyond the self; life exists beyond an isolated ego concept of “I was according to someone else; therefore I still am.” The Ahamkara (I maker) is fluid in Universal Consciousness and far more effective, as well as active, in Self-connection. In order to maintain balance for the long run, meditation is essential. Each person on earth is a foundation and catalyst for consistent positive awareness. “I am becoming; I am becoming more aware, capable and effective in various ways” truly is a blissful state in harmony with kindness towards self & others.

Be it noted that the body has memory and each person’s immune system is listening to the energy in the internal dialogue; our body is faithful to our will’s reality. Each individual is able over time, to discern authentic will from those who have guided us or opposed us in the past or present. Yoga poses are incredibly effective for healing trauma and negative impressions latent in the body. With regular practice of Vinyasa (breath & movement) liberation from past impressions spontaneously happen, mind and body are once again in sync. Eventually, our being awakens to itself as Satchidananda (truth, knowledge, bliss).

Deviations from “US” consciousness bears fruit in suffering on every level; seen collectively as corrupt businesses, corrupt government, secret science; singularly arising in individual forms as disease, depression, depravity, deception, paranoia and premature death.

The Yogis have identified 5 Kleshas (specific obstacles or causes of suffering). Texts on how to free the self from the 5 Kleshas have been written about by the Yogis of old preserving knowledge applicable beyond the ages. Once a Klesha becomes transparent the wisdom beyond it becomes accessible and it yields tremendous power; of course wielding wisdom requires skill that need be earned.

In essence both the 5 Kleshas and 5 Wisdoms beyond the obstacles are part of the same coin, balance must be maintained in order to realize the sweetness of the victory, to receive great peace of mind and an expounding understanding of outcomes and experiences in life as they have never been seen before.

Studying the 5 Kleshas (mental afflictions) is a sure short cut to “US” consciousness. This knowledge can help transform once blocked areas within the self to new states of free flowing energy, health and peace. A potential reality for all of us as each day comes.

When feeling energized we tend to sit tall but if you have seen someone who is emotionally deflated or depressed you may notice the posture is slumped or closed over the front body. Some of the best postures in Yoga are back bending postures because they are soothing catalysts for healing depression, anxiety and apathy. An upright open posture does wonders for one’s higher self, especially when it is not forced but gained through genuine surrender and range of motion practiced in poses at what ever level your are at today. The excitement lives in the reality that gains can always be made with continual practice. As well there is an amazing and immediate feeling of release and freedom gained from performing even one Yoga posture. “An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory,” a famous quote by Swami Sivananda reminds aspirants to study, but most importantly practice and test every theory; only then may its intrinsic value be known and harnessed by you the individual. When Universal Consciousness settles in the personal heart of a person Param Guru Consciousness is accessible and is a guide for one’s self on the path of life.

May all beings prosper and be at peace, Namaste.

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